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Ciao, Jack Cooley

Some birds just weren’t meant to be caged

NBA: Sacramento Kings-Media Day Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

Sacramento Kings legend Jack Cooley has signed a contract to play professional basketball in Italy next season. This news first began circulating last week but we here at Sactown Royalty refused to acknowledge the ugly rumors and instead live in fierce denial. But now the signing is official, and Jack will be playing with Banco di Sardegna Sassari. And so today we end our period of denial and accept the new darkness in which we live.

Cooley spent last season on a two-way contract with the Kings, spending time with the Reno Bighorns (now the Stockton Kings) as well. Cooley was 6th in rebound per game, second in free throws made and attempted per game, 4th in FG%, 2nd in OBPM, first in Win Shares per 48 minutes, and first in PER. His departure leaves a hole that the Kings will struggle to fill. The team obviously knows it, too, as they’re currently carrying roughly 9 big men on the roster to fill the Cooley void.

Cooley may be gone, but his legend will live on.

Ciao, Jack Cooley. Don’t be a stranger.