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Lil Wayne’s Agency Is Suing Frank Mason For 92k And A Diamond Chain

The Kings are never boring.

2017 NBA Rookie Photo Shoot Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Today in the Kings are never boring despite missing the playoffs for 12-straight years, Kings guard Frank Mason is being sued by his old agency, Lil Wayne’s agency, Young Money APAA Sports Group.

According to TmZ, who is reporting on this story after obtaining a copy of the lawsuit, Frank Mason hired Young Money APAA Sports Group shortly before the 2017 NBA Draft, and as part of their deal, Young Money APAA Sports Group gave Mason a $40,000 advance, an $11,000 diamond chain of some kind, and $52,000 to cover whatever falls under the ‘pre-draft expenses’ umbrella.

The lawsuit states that in Mason’s contract with Young Money APAA Sports Group, it was made clear that if Mason ever changed agencies, he would have to give back the $40,000 advance, the $52,000 pre-draft expense coverage, and the Young Money diamond chain.

I have no idea what part of the pre-draft process costs you $52,000, but I digress.

At the end of Mason’s rookie season, he left Lil Wayne and Young Money APAA Sports Group for Gary Durant of Durant Sports Management, according to Real GM. Durant Sports Management also represents Kings two-way player Wenyen Gabriel, for whatever that’s worth.

According to Lil Wayne and company, Mason never returned the money or the jewelry.

TmZ claims that Mason left Young Money APAA Sports Group in April “at the urging of a former YM employee” so, something strange is going on over there, but we’ll have to see how this all shakes out.

92k plus an $11,000 diamond chain might sound like small potatoes for an NBA player, but Mason is about to enter just his second NBA season as a second round draft pick. Without delving too much into someones personal wealth, Mason hasn’t had the opportunity to make the kind of money you might associate with a professional athlete. This isn’t insignificant.