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Sacramento Kings waive Deyonta Davis

The end of an era.

2016 NBA Rookie Photo Shoot Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images

The Sacramento Kings have waived Deyonta Davis, according to ESPN’s Marc Spears. Davis had been acquired by the Kings as part of the Garrett Temple trade earlier this summer.

The move brings the Kings roster down to 15 players as they prepare to begin training camp. Teams can carry up to 20 players through training camp, but it sounds like the team was confident that Davis wasn’t part of the plan.

The timing is still odd. The Kings carried Davis all summer. If they wanted to give him a chance to land somewhere else, they could have cut him a long time ago. If they were trying to use his salary in trades, why cut him now?

From a cap perspective this is a non-factor, as Davis was only on the books for $1.5 million. And yes I realize I just referred to $1.5 million as a “non-factor”.

Farewell Deyonta Davis, we hardly knew ye.