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30Q: How will the Kings use their cap space?

Can the Kings get involved in some deals?

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The Sacramento Kings currently sit on roughly $11 million in cap space. The rest of the league has essentially none. Other teams can take on small amounts of money in trades, but no other team can absorb a player into space. The Kings stand alone.

This puts the Kings in a position to be involved in trades without sacrificing notable assets up until the trade deadline. The Kings can take on bad money or bloated contracts and receive draft picks or young players for their trouble.

But this position of strength turns back into a pumpkin once the trade deadline passes. The majority of the league will have cap space next summer, rendering the Kings’ cap space next summer far less valuable. Now is the time for the Kings to use that leverage. The only question is how they’ll use that leverage.

The concern for Kings fans has to be that the Kings will overplay their hand or overestimate future opportunities and wake up on February 8th with nothing to show for it. Or worse yet, that the Kings take on bad money for inadequate compensation.

There are many ways to misuse cap space, and historically the Kings have been experts at doing so. But given their unique position of strength, we can hope they’ll use it wisely this season.