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30Q: The annual Jerry Reynolds / Doug Christie Nickname Thread!

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Jerry might not be the full time color analyst anymore but we will still produce the best nicknames we can for him and Doug to use

NBA: Sacramento Kings-Media Day Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

Every year, Jerry Reynolds and Sactown Royalty enter into a mutually beneficial contract in which we come up with crazy new nicknames for the players and then he uses them on air. Some of these nicknames (“The Brock Ness Monster”, “The Hustlin’ Husky”, “The Great Rudini”) have gone on to great acclaim.

Of course, this will be the first year where Jerry is not the full time color analyst, but it is our hope that Doug Christie carries on the tradition and that Jerry still knocks it out of the park whenever he makes his appearances on the broadcast.

The Kings added a bunch of new players this year, so it’s time we give Jerry and Doug some fresh new material for the upcoming season.

Let us hear your best new nicknames & Jerry-isms for the new guys and if it’s good enough, you could actually hear it on air sometime this season.