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30Q: Will the Kings be fun to watch?

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It all comes down to coaching

NBA: Sacramento Kings at Minnesota Timberwolves Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

The Sacramento Kings are all but certain to be a sub-.500 team this year. Losing more games than you win is never fun, but we also know that some bad teams or more fun to watch than others. A lot of this is dependent on the players and the style of play the team implements. So we must ask ourselves, if the Kings aren’t good can they at least be fun to watch?

Fun, of course, is subjective. Some fans care less about the style of play and more about the results. Can the losses at least be close losses with exciting finishes? Other fans want to see fast pace action, lots of passes, and big dunks.

Personally, when I think about a fun team I’m looking more for the latter. I want an active defense, fast breaks, lobs, dunks, and dagger threes. And you know what? The Kings could be that type of team. If De’Aaron Fox can push the ball with Marvin Bagley III, Harry Giles, Willie Cauley-Stein, or Skal Labissiere streaking for the basket, the Kings could be fun. If Buddy Hield can unleash a barrage of threes, the Kings could be fun. If Bogdan Bogdanovic can carve up defenses with his shooting and his lobs to cutting bigs, the Kings could be fun.

But the Kings had most of these same pieces last year and they weren’t always fun. The ball would be walked up the floor. The ball would stagnate. Daggers would be hesitated on and passed out of. De’Aaron Fox would be put into lineups with Zach Randolph. Z-Bo is a fun personality but his style of play is brutal to watch.

And the coach remains the same. Dave Joerger, despite all the talk this offseason of playing faster, has never played fast. He’s never fully unleashed a young roster to play fast and make mistakes. Can a leopard change its spots, or will Joerger fall back to relying on Randolph and vets like Iman Shumpert?

The Kings could be fun, but there’s plenty of reason to worry that they won’t be.