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Marvin Bagley says his knee is pain free

There is no set date for Bagley’s return.

Oklahoma City Thunder v Sacramento Kings Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images

The Sacramento Kings have been without rookie Marvin Bagley III since he suffered a bone bruise on December 14th. The Kings have missed Bagley’s energy, rebounding, and scoring in the second unit. But the Kings might have their rookie back earlier than expected, as News 10’s Sean Cunningham reports that Bagley is pain free in his knee.

Such a quick return would be a pleasant surprise considering just five days ago we were told Bagley would be out at least another two weeks. Cunningham clarified that the Saturday date was his own personal speculation and that the Kings still haven’t set a date for Bagley’s return.

Even if the Kings remain cautious and don’t have Bagley back this weekend, it’s great news that Bagley is pain free. Bagley’s game relies so heavily on his athleticism, and his knees need to be at 100% before he returns. This news means that even if the Kings remain cautious, we aren’t likely to see any additional delays added to the timetable.