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90 Seconds of Marvin Bagley’s Ridiculous Second Jump

The draft experts were right. This Marvin Bagley kid can jump.

NBA: Sacramento Kings at Houston Rockets Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to ‘90 seconds of...’ a short form video series highlighting the signature skills your Sacramento Kings are known for. If this was around in the glory days, you’d see ‘90 seconds of Vlade Divac passing out of the post’ or in the not-so-glory days, ‘90 seconds of John Salmons dribbling the air out of the basketball’ but in this new, exciting era of Kings basketball, we’re learning new stuff about these young players every day, and this series hopes to highlight some of those signature skills these young players possess. Shout out to Beno Udrih, the PUJIT (Pull Up Jumper In Transition) god.

Heading into the 2017-18 NBA Draft, one of the most talked about skills in Marvin Bagley’s repertoire was his quick second jump. Everyone knew his athleticism was off the charts, but it was that ‘second jump’ we kept hearing about. It’s an important distinction to make, because not only is he an elite jumper, but he’s an elite quick jumper.

With any amateur-to-professional transition, there is inherent will this skill translate? speculation, but fortunately for the Kings, we’re already seeing that gift on display through 34 games of Marvin Bagley as a professional athlete.

If you’re looking for the antithesis to what Bagley and his second jump are capable of, think back to the days of Jason Thompson. I love Jason Thompson, and he was a very steady rebounder, but one of the most frustrating parts of his game was how slow he was at getting a layup or dunk off. He’d receive a pass in the post, or grab an offensive rebound, but instead of going right up with the ball, he’d bring it down for a gather or power dribble and more often than not, it would result in a strip, a block, or a forced awkward shot attempt because the window where he was open had closed.

Marvin Bagley? He gets the ball and goes to the bucket.

We’ve seen this particular skill show up all over the court this season, but where it’s most noticeable is on the offensive glass where Bagley is responsible for rebounding 9.3% (66th percentile) of missed field goal attempts by the Kings when he’s on the floor, and in most cases, he’s using that quick second jump to score before the defense realizes what just happened. It’s been a joy to watch, and a headache for defenders.

Without further ado, 90 seconds of Marvin Bagley’s second jump.

PS. If there is a skill you’d like to see highlighted in the future, I’m definitely open to requests.