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Buddy Hield Has Developed Into A Great Rebounder

Buddy Hield is more than a shooter.

Kimani Okearah

Welcome to ‘90 seconds of...’ a short form video series highlighting the signature skills your Sacramento Kings are known for. If this was around in the glory days, you’d see ‘90 seconds of Vlade Divac passing out of the post’ or in the not-so-glory days, ‘90 seconds of John Salmons dribbling the air out of the basketball’ but in this new, exciting era of Kings basketball, we’re learning new stuff about these young players every day, and this series hopes to highlight some of those signature skills these young players possess. Shout out to Beno Udrih, the PUJIT (Pull Up Jumper In Transition) god.

There has been a lot of positive chatter around these parts regarding Buddy Hield’s 2018-19 NBA season, and for good reason. He’s shooting the ball at such an elite level that the only NBA player with an indisputable claim as a better shooter than Hield this season is Stephen Curry. Name any other elite NBA shooter and Buddy Hield is right in that conversation.

Only two players in the NBA are shooting 7+ 3PA’s per game at a 45% or better rate. Buddy Hield and Stephen Curry. He’s been that good.

If you watched Buddy Hield at Oklahoma, his lethal 3-point shooting shouldn’t surprise you. I don’t know how many people thought he would be this deadly from beyond the arc, but it has always been a huge part of his game.

Hield has also been a solid rebounder for the majority of his NBA career, but this season he’s turned what was a decent skill for his position into an elite skill for his position, particularly on the offensive glass.

I went back and watched all 307 of Buddy Hield’s rebounds this season, and what stood out to me was his nose for the ball. Every player is going to get their fair share of ‘I was just standing here and the rebound landed right in my hands’ rebounds, and of course Hield has those, too, but the amount of rebounds he managed to secure with perfect timing by crashing the glass and reading the trajectory of the ball was impressive. I’ve compiled some of the best examples below, but for some additional context, consider this:

According to Cleaning The Glass, Buddy Hield is rebounding 3.9% of missed Kings field goal attempts while he’s on the court. That puts him in the 87th percentile among what CTG categorizes as ‘wings’. It’s the same designation that includes the likes of Paul George, Andre Iguodala, and Jimmy Butler. Hield is also pulling down 11.8% (72nd percentile among wings) of opponent misses on the defensive glass. He’s been the best rebounder on the Kings relative to his position by a fairly significant margin.

With all that being said, here’s 90 seconds of Buddy Hield crashing the offensive glass.