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The Sactown Royalty Show: Double Header

Released Two Episodes today and I will explain why!


Now that the season is just around the corner, expect these far more often. Today you get two new episodes! This comes with a lot of disclaimers and cries for help, however, so bear with me and please help me out (if you can)

First of all, the episode with TJ Macias and I was recorded over a month ago and turned out to be recorded during the absolute worst time. It is about the Luke Walton allegations, so we talk about some very sensitive topics. However, when we get to off-court issues versus on-court ones, our example that we used quickly aged poorly (within about 12 hours of recording), and you will see how in the episode. Rather than pretend it didn’t happen, I kept it basically intact, because I firmly believe the conversation is still important, and the reasons why were quickly shown to us.

TJ and I discuss Walton’s allegations and how to handle that which we do not know while also discussing how fans, players, coaches, and media all fail in covering situations such as this. We share our opinions, but also speak about why it is not always best to just let these things go away or hope for the best.

Second, in the episode with Bryant and I, I decided to try recording from my phone. I recorded a section on the previous episode with it, and it actually sounded quite good. The services I have been using on my computer have all been nightmares come editing, from cutting out chunks of audio to unsyncing all of our voices and requiring me to manually fix that. Now, on this feature, not only did the phone DESTROY my audio settings, it mixed Bryant and I at opposite levels, with him loud and me almost silent. I did the best I could to make it work, but the quality is admittedly rough and I will not try this method again. I am not an expert sound person, but I was hoping that maybe someone could have ideas on how I could start recording guests without the hassle. Seeing as I am going to start doing multiple shows a week, I cannot afford to do the extensive fixes nearly every other method has brought. (For what it’s worth, the episodes with Deuce and Sanjesh caused the least amount of issues, but I was iffy on the audio quality). I would love to hear your ideas on how I could avoid these issues going forward.

Bryant and I discuss our keys to the good season. If you can stomach the audio issues (once again, I am sorry), We had a really fun discussion about the youth’s development, lineups, and which players are most vital to the team’s success going forward.

As always, please rate and review the podcast, as it helps it reach its full potential. Outside of this link, it should be available wherever podcasts are.