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The Sactown Royalty Show (Episode 168): In Your Lensface

Bradley is joined by StR’s own Kimani Okearah as the two discuss preseason basketball and media day.

We are back, and we are at the beginning of busy season. You will notice that I am going a little bit shorter on these, as I hope to do multiple episodes a week to align with the season. For this episode, I was joined by Sactown Royalty’s own photographer Kimani Okearah.

After going on an impassioned plea for the league to start broadcasting every preseason game, Kimani joined me to discuss Media Day, his experience at the first home game of the preseason, and we finished it with a brief discussion about who we see coming out of each conference.

I am still figuring out exactly how I want to do the postgame, but I am leaning toward doing an audio one as often as I can with a video feed for select games. Let me know if you have any ideas regarding how you would like me to do this.