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Report: Kings offer Buddy Hield 4 year, $90 million extension

Per Yahoo Sports’ Chris Haynes, the Kings have a four year, $90 million extension on the table for Hield, but Buddy and his agent are asking for closer to four years, $110 million.

Kimani Okearah

While Buddy Hield and the Sacramento Kings are preparing for next Wednesday’s season opener, the two sides are also working to beat next Monday’s extension deadline. Per Yahoo Sport’s Chris Haynes, the Sacramento Kings have an offer on the table for their shooting star, but Haynes reports the two sides are currently about $20 million apart in their asking price.

The Kings have an offer for Hield on the table for four years and $90 million, league sources told Yahoo Sports. Hield and his agent, Brandon Rosenthal, are seeking a number closer to $110 million, sources said.

With the 2020 free-agent class expected to be weak in terms of star power, sources said Hield is prepared to bet on himself and play out the season to test the market as a restricted free agent next summer if Monday’s deadline passes without a deal in place.

There’s an obvious middle ground between $90 and $110 million, and considering both Buddy’s desire to stay in Sacramento and his obvious value to the Kings foundation, I’m optimistic that a deal will be reached before Monday’s extension deadline. If the Kings don’t want to risk their good team vibes (read this piece from SB Nation’s Tom Ziller), it would be best for both parties to sign an extension and establish Hield as a long-term foundational piece of the franchise.

Still, the Kings have and will continue to hold leverage here; if a deal isn’t reached by Monday, Hield will enter next summer as a restricted free agent, and the Kings would have the rights to match any offer he receives. The clear risk for Sacramento would be another dynamic season from Buddy Buckets, which could increase his value past his current asking price.