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The Royal Mailbag: A frightening start to the season.

Everything sucks.

Portland Trail Blazers v Sacramento Kings Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Welcome back to The Royal Mailbag!


No, that’s not the sound of a ghost sauntering through your kitchen as a practice run for Halloween in just a few days; it’s the default melody of the Golden 1 Center this season if the Kings don’t get their act together. After a summer highlighted by management firing their most successful coach in more than a decade, replacing that leader with a friend of the General Manager, and spending bucketfuls of cash on veteran contributors, the Sacramento Kings are sitting at 0-4 after a close loss to the Denver Nuggets (hmmm, I wonder who their coach is and if he’s at all been successful in the league?) on Monday night.

Will and I are here to answer your questions regarding the disappointing start, potential solutions, trades, firings, or anything else that comes to mind. Ask away!*

A quick note about the last mailbag: we will be including a few relevant questions from that post as well. The majority of the entries were questions regarding Buddy Hield’s contract status, and those were answered before the next edition was able to be published. It felt a little silly to only post a couple on non-Hield queries in a singular post.

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