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Kings vs. Hornets Preview: Avoiding Number Five Against the Hive??

I swear to all that is good in this world if the Sacramento Kings lose Wednesday night to the Charlotte Hornets........

Kimani Okearah

Look. I don’t think I can watch tonight. The Kings are bad right now. Possibly the worst team in the league to start the season. Charlotte has an absolute dud of a team on paper and has started off the season 1-3, but two of those were against L.A. juggernauts and the third was against the Timberwolves who are playing out of their minds right now. The Kings have got to win a game like this.

I’m not writing anymore. I’m not. They’ve just... got to find a way to win this game or you can official write off any remaining hope for the season in terms of tangible win-loss goals and ideas of the playoffs. Let’s not talk Kings basketball.

When: Wednesday, October 30th; 7:00 pm PST

Where: Golden 1 Center, Sacramento CA


Radio: KHTK Sports 1140 AM

For Your Consideration

Not Going to Do It: I just don’t have it in me. To add to that, if you think this preview is bad now... if the Kings can’t muster enough intestinal fortitude for a win against the Hornets after this uber-frustrating 0-4 start and after the clear step forward they took against the Denver Nuggets on Monday I can assure you, this thing on Friday is going to be worse. Alright! That’s it. Enjoy Halloween, pass out lots of candy. Refrain from lecturing any little ones in a Kings jersey! Ain’t talking about this game!


Akis, Greg and the team vote to fire me. I go on to live a long, healthy life and never worry about the Sacramento Kings again. All the kids compliment your costume and thank you for the best selection of candy on the block. You did well, you did the best you could.

Kings: Win, Hornets: Do Not Win