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The Royal Mailbag: Week Four

You ask, we answer!

United States Postal Service Reports Lost Of 2.3 Billion, As Its Delivering Fewer Packages Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

Welcome back to the Sactown Royalty mailbag!

The Kings have been busy little bees since the last edition was published, as they’ve posted a 1-1 record over the last week, losing a close contest to the Toronto Raptors followed by a bludgeoning of the John Collins-less Atlanta Hawks. From the players’ perspective, Buddy Hield has been benched in important moments in multiple games, De’Aaron Fox received the same treatment in Atlanta, Bogdan Bogdanovic enjoyed a bit of an offensive breakout, Harry Giles played his first meaningful game in eight months, and Marvin Bagley III’s return date is sneaking closer and closer. And most importantly, Will hasn’t sent me any other pictures of his nightmare-inducing shoe collection.

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