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Kings vs. Lakers Preview: Kings v King: Dawn of Rukus

The Kings are in LA to take on that other team the city’s got.

Sacramento Kings v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images,

Super Friday, everyone! Coming off a win against the Portland Trail Blazers on Tuesday night, the Sacramento Kings are down in Los Angeles to take on the Justice League of NBA franchises - movie, not comic series. In true Hollywood fashion, the powers that be within the Lakers org went out this summer and threw some bloated big names and now-overhyped retreads onto the same team and crossed their fingers that they’ll come together just in time to save the world their jobs; all the while their audience has to listen to hacky shit about how “no one thought we could do it” when all along its absolutely expected of them to do it. Well Hell, up until now I forgot that this franchise even has an evil Superman who has spent a bunch of time wrecking his team because he’s been down and out longer than expected. Much like the movie I’m referring to, his metaphor has gone on way to long. (Lakers fans are without a doubt the DC fans of the NBA though so... there’s that).

Let’s talk Kings basketball!

When: Friday, November 15th, 7:30 pm PST

Where: The Kawhi Center, Los Angeles CA


Radio: KHTK Sports 1140 AM

For Your Consideration

The Letters I’m Missing Are UCK: The Lakers are currently holding the best record in the Western Conference and are doing so by playing big as often as they can. The tandem of Anthony Davis and LeBron James has proven to be as potent as literally every person on Earth thought it would be. Both men, though varying in fragility of body and mind, have already kept it together long enough for Dwight Howard to start getting misty-eyed any time the two of them high five, bump into each other during meals and laugh it off, pass through his field of vision at the same time. Speaking of Dwight Howard, the man is having a resurgent year! After spending the last half of this decade trying to prove he’s still an alpha by being a raging asshole on whatever Eastern Conference team’s GM is best mainlining Dwight’s redemption story through his toes, Dwight decided to tuck his tale between his legs for his last shot at not being considered the greatest disappointment of this decade and shut the hell up. “He’s playing good basketball too!” to quote that Warriors fan in accounting who is head to toe in LeBron’s latest shoe and a TAAAACCCCCOOO TUEEESSDAAAAY shirt on casual day. I could rattle off stats and give a breakdown of how the Kings and Lakers match up, but I want Lakers fans to be able to read it and respond with SIXTEEN CHAMPIONSHIPS BRO!!! instead of just falling asleep. Plus the Kings match-up like garbage against the Lakers and almost every other team in the league right now. If the Kings win tonight it won’t be because of anything I can analyze right now. Back to the bullshit: the Lakers are a team built bad ownership incentivizing questionable management into picking a garbage supporting cast built around a man just trying to make movies and a tree trying not to get snapped into twigs every time Leonard DiCaprio blows smoke up the ass of his high school-aged girlfriend. There are two things that I like about the Lakers and they are as follows: 1) Alex Caruso. 2) That when the human species eventually goes extinct, every time the Lakers embarrassed themselves by begging for free agents to show up or stay will finally pass away into the unknowing, uncaring void of the universe.


Someone is getting mad today and bouncing a basketball off LeBron’s head hard enough to move the glue on rug he’s been sloppily hiding this season. Bogdan Bogdanovic is going to come out sizzling and score 30, Dewayne Dedmon is going to explode for 13 points and hmm who hasn’t gotten run this season in this prediction thread: your boy Yogi Ferrell is dropping 20 off the bench on whatever has been the Lakers are starting at point guard.

Final prediction, if you were to go back and look at the previews I've written this season and recorded which letter I start the preview off with... You might find something. Just a prediction.

Kings 114, Lakers 106