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Sacramento Kings unveil new “City” jerseys

They are red.

Sacramento Kings

The Sacramento Kings released their new City Edition jerseys on Wednesday. They are the same design as last season’s baby blue City jerseys, but with red and baby blue trading places, with red as the primary color and baby blue as an accent. You can see more of the jersey design here.

Overall I’ve never been a huge fan of this design with the white section on top, but I personally think the red looks better than the baby blue. When the Kings wear these at home they’ll be paired with the 35th anniversary royal blue court, and I think they’ll probably look decent on that floor.

Unfortunately this feels like a very lazy jersey by Nike. Red doesn’t represent anything for Sacramento other than being an accent color on a jersey from 1985. The official release from the Kings explains the jersey as follows:

“With red as the primary color, they represent that passion and energy that has echoed through our arena and helps celebrate the team’s 35th year in Sactown.”

I’m sorry, but no. I know the Kings have to spin whatever garbage jersey Nike gives them, but red doesn’t really represent anything. It’s red. Between the capital building, the Sacramento River, the railroad history, the Tower Bridge, the gold rush history, Fairytale Town, and many other Sacramento landmarks, it feels like 2 minutes of effort could have given the Kings a jersey that better represented the city of Sacramento.

The jersey will debut on November 30th.