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Kings vs. Knicks Preview: In the Nick of Time

The Sacramento Kings are in New York for a game against the one win Knicks and their hydra of power forwards.

NBA: Sacramento Kings at New York Knicks Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Knicks fans, don’t read this. Kings fans: the Knicks suck. I say that knowing full well what curse has just been put upon Sacramento but, it had to be said. The Kings roll into tonight with a whopping one victory and looking for more meat to feed the hungry dogs back home! It’s a Sunday afternoon game and I had way too much fun at the annual company party last night. Let’s briefly talk Kings basketball!

When: Sunday, November 3rd, 3:00 pm PST

Where: Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York


Radio: KHTK Sports 1140 AM

For Your Consideration

Congratulations to Kings fans for finally getting to see a victory by our boys in purple, or blue, or apparently red now? From what I’d seen online there was celebrating in the streets, chanting for blocks around the stadium, pandemonium of the best, and probably most sarcastic, sort. A tip-in buzzer beater is a good way to go out. As much as I’d like harsh that vibe and “Well, Actually” this, I’m not. We needed this as a fandom and the Kings finally got one to fall their way. Now do that eight or nine times in row and I’ll be right back in the thick of it.

Tonight the Kings are New York taking on the Knicks in another rebuilding season and boy are they rebuilding. On the back of rookie R.J. Barrett the Knicks are dragging themselves out there with eight players who are scoring between 8 and 17 points per game, spreading the love to anyone who can put the ball in the bucket. One of eight forwards on the team, Julius “Probably Shoulda Been A King” Randle is having a very interesting season: 14.3 points, 11 rebounds and 5 assists per game. Through six games he is leading the team in that last category and man do I love a big man who can pass. RIP Boogie. So lets get a quick breakdown of random stats that the Knicks will absolutely go opposite of tonight. For one, they yack up the 3rd most two point shots in the NBA and are currently last in that percentage. To make up for it, they’re 12th in three point percentage but only 19th in attempts. If I had to pick one stat that I can here Grant say “Well, you can’t win a game when you give up ________” it’s going to be this: They Knicks are the best offensive rebounding team in the NBA 6 games in. They’re 10th in defensive rebounds, making them the 5 best rebounding team in the NBA. This might blow your mind, but the Kings are actually one leg up on the Knicks in terms of offensive rebounding, 4th in the league. But the good news and comparisons end there, seeing as how Sacramento is 24th in defensive boards and 19th overall.

Look, a normal boring preview! Crazy what happens when the Kings win... and it’s followed by a Sunday day game against the Knicks.


This Jack London Square hotel doesn’t have a concierge breakfast and I drop 75 bucks on some breakfast that has the word “extraction” in it.

Kings: 119, Knicks: 104