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The Royal Mailbag: Trade Machine Edition

You trade, we discuss!

Dallas Mavericks v Sacramento Kings Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images

Welcome back to the Royal Mailbag! Boy do we have a special edition for you! Yes, you!

Today is December 16th, which according to my advanced analytics model, means that yesterday was December 15th. What’s so important about December 15th you ask? It’s the day that all free agents become eligible to be traded to other teams, you silly goose! Trevor Ariza, Cory Joseph, Dewayne Dedmon, and Richaun Holmes can all be moved, along with the rest of Sacramento’s roster. And to support your trade machine addictions, Will and I will be hosting a special trade-themed mailbag.

The concept is quite simple. Following the rules below, figure out a trade that you think benefits both the Kings and the other organization, run it through a tool that will tell you if the salaries will work, account for any picks included, and post the finalized proposition in the comments. A quick tip: if you’re super stoked about the deal, it’s probably not fair to the other franchise. If the trade makes you feel a little queasy and like you’re not getting enough, you’re probably on the right track. Here are the rules:

1. You MUST, MUST, MUST include a screenshot of, or a link to, the ESPN Trade Machine, RealGM Trade Checker, or some other tool that shows whether or not the trade is legal under the CBA. If there’s no link, there will be no feedback

2. Please consider roster spots along with incoming and outgoing salaries. A team can’t absorb four players to make up the money for one star.

3. We will not contemplate ridiculous trades (half of the team for LeBron James).

4. Please include your reasoning behind the trade.

5. No four-team trades. They don’t happen.

There are a few different tools at your disposal for this exercise. The ESPN Trade Machine and RealGM Trade Checker will let you know if the trade is acceptable salary-wise. RealGM will also show you which teams own which future draft picks. And the Capulator will allow you to project how a deal would affect a team long-term, including some luxury tax and cap space consequences. Because I’m the nicest giraffe who’s ever lived, I already did the draft pick homework for you and gathered all of Sacramento’s future picks:

Future Picks

Draft Round Team Notes
Draft Round Team Notes
2020 1 SAC
2020 2 SAC
2020 2 DET
2020 2 HOU/GSW Less Favorable
2020 2 MIA
2021 1 SAC
2021 2 SAC
2021 2 MEM
2021 2 MIA
2022 1 SAC
2022 2 SAC

Now get out there and dump some veterans for picks or vice versa!