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Wolves 105, Kings 104: Burn my eyes

Of course this game went to double overtime.

Kimani Okearah

Oh you thought the basketball gods would allow the Kings to be healthy? Hahahaha-no. De’Aaron Fox leaves within the first few minutes to back spasms after landing badly. Marvin Bagley led the Kings with 18 points in the second half and then he had a left foot issue after fighting for a loose ball. The Kings went on a run late, had an eight point lead to start the fourth and then fell flat on offense to allow a comeback. The game went to overtime but the bad basketball didn’t stop there and went to a second period just to lose.

Oh yeah, the Wolves were on an 11 game losing streak. Oh and they allow 117 points a game. Sacramento scored 104 with two overtimes.

Quarterly Recap

Injury notes: Bogdan Bogdanovic (ankle) is AVAILABLE. Karl-Anthony Towns ruled OUT.

With Bogi healthy, the Kings were finally able to roll out with a healthy team but of course, it didn’t last long. De’Aaron Fox injured his back while landing after a shot contest and left to the locker room shortly after. The Kings got offense out of Marvin Bagley who was making everything down low, even a reverse layup on a lob from Richaun Holmes. Buddy Hield continued to struggle despite hitting a three on a Fox assist. Minnesota stayed close by hitting threes even though Jeff Teague bricked two attempts horribly. Bogi provided eight points off the bench, including two threes as the Kings led 26-21 after one.

Bogi kept the Kings lead afloat to start the second, but Minnesota slowly crept their way back by getting to the rim and getting stops on defense. Minnesota could not buy a three to save their life compared to hitting some early in the game, especially Robert Covington who kept trying and kept missing. Bagley was able to get to the line and converted on his chances. Buddy pulled out the eurostep for a pretty layup. The Kings just constantly play down to their opponent and trailed 50-48 going into the second half. Bagley led the way with 13 points followed by Bogi’s 11. Sacramento shot 14-15 from the free throw line.

Harrison Barnes woke up at a pretty good time to hit two threes in the early third quarter. No hesitation on them either and both were pure net. Hield missed a floater and reverse layup but eventually made a two pointer after he got all the bounces. Holmes went up to 12 points and 13 rebounds as he mopped up multiple times to provide the spark. Sacramento was able to go on a 13-2 run to separate themselves by a few points. Bagley had 18 points and four rebounds, but hobbled off limping. Holmes came in and did what Holmes does - bail this team out. Bogi made a floater to end the quarter and Sacramento led 79-71. Bagley still led the scoring with 18, Holmes added 16 and 13 rebounds and Bogi had 15.

The Kings offense completely sputtered and they forgot how to make shots, joining Hield in that department. Even if they were good looks, they weren’t falling and Minnesota came back the other way. Minnesota outscored the Kings 14-7 with 4:09 remaining in the quarter. The injuries and foul trouble piled up so Dewayne Dedmon was called upon. Nobody wanted to win this game in the end as Minnesota missed two good looks at taking a lead. With 0.5 seconds left, Barnes had a chance to win it on an inbounds lob but the pass was too high to handle. Overtime we go...

Minnesota got the first five points in overtime, but Bogi had two baskets in a row to answer. The Wolves got two free throws to make it 97-94, but Hield drilled a three to tie it. Trevor Ariza had an open three but it rimmed out. Bogi had an open off-balance three to win it but it missed. After the longest 0.5 seconds in history, we go to double overtime...

Minnesota again started the overtime period strong with a Wiggins layup and Teague floater. Hield then turned it over and Covington got an open fastbreak layup. Holmes made two free throws but then they allowed a wide open dunk. Bogi would miss two free throws later. Hield made another three and it became 105-102 Minny. Another stop for Sac and Hield got a fastbreak layup. Hield had a chance to win it, but missed the three.

Notable Players

Richaun Holmes grabbed 18 rebounds, a career high, along with 20 points, three assists, two steals and two blocks. Protect this man at all costs.

Marvin Bagley had 18 points on 6-10 shooting and four rebounds in 20 minutes. It was promising for him but it ended short.

Bad numbers dump: Harrison Barnes shot 2-12 for 11 points. Hield goes 6-20 and 3-11 from three for 17 points. Bogi goes 8-28 overall and 3-16 from three for 19 points.

Notable Stats

Sacramento shot 9-39 from three (23.1%) and Minnesota shot 10-46 (21.7%).

Sacramento grabbed more rebounds at 67-65 but lost in assists at 23-20.

The Kings only had 12 turnovers but still lose.

Next Game

The Phoenix Suns enter Sacramento this Saturday at 6:00 p.m. PST. Phoenix will be on a SEGABABA.