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It's now or never for Harry Giles

Just play him

Kimani Okearah

When the Sacramento Kings decided to decline the fourth year option on Harry Giles’ rookie deal, it pretty much signaled their intentions on Giles’ future — they were ready to move on.

The third year big man from Duke overcame multiple knee injuries to return to the court last year after having a redshirt rookie campaign and flashed brilliance at times. Early on, the rust was extremely evident. He drew fouls worse than the stick figures I made in kindergarten and stayed on the court about the same amount of time I stayed in my seat for Cats.

Giles brought a unique presence to the team that wasn’t replicated by any other big, which was refreshing because we watched Kosta Koufos build a house with all the bricks his hook shots resulted in and Willie Cauley-Stein, well, I’ll leave it at that.

He showed the ability to slice defenses when operating in the high post which reminded me of Domantas Sabonis in Indiana and boy, the Kings could use someone like that right now.

Marvin Bagley was having the best game of his season against Minnesota when he went for a loose ball and came up hobbled. His status is in the air. Nemanja Bjelica’s offense hasn’t disappeared yet like last season’s, but his defense has been poor lately. Dewayne Dedmon isn’t satisfied with $13 million for sitting on the bench and wants out, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he finds himself again if he leaves. Richaun Holmes slander won’t be tolerated because he should be on Dedmon’s contract.

All that circles back to Giles again. He brings a different toolbox to the table and since Dedmon can’t repair his shot, flex tape can’t save Bjelica’s defense and Bagley might not be available, play the guy who was being compared to Chris Webber.

In a blowout win over the Warriors, minutes were spared to Caleb Swanigan instead of Giles. I don’t know what the Kings plan to do once Giles hits the open market (assuming he’s not traded), but aiming to lower his value by giving minutes to a less talented player is not fair to Giles.

Whether it’s through supporting his teammates from the sidelines, saying it in an interview or via social media, Giles has shown nothing but love for the city of Sacramento and deserves a chance to maximize his free agent earnings. Again, whether he chooses to stay here or take his talents elsewhere, I want Giles to succeed. The guy is 21 years old and has been extremely patient and professional despite the circumstances he’s stuck in.

With the muddy waters surrounding the frontcourt, now is the time for Harry to show his worth, otherwise it may never happen.