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Video: Reaction to the loss to the Bulls, Bogdanovic injury update

Kimani Okearah

The Sacramento Kings were defeated by the Chicago Bulls at home 113-106 Monday night.

Too many turnovers (18), too many fouls (26) and an inability to get stops plagued the Kings in this one as they fell to 8-11 on the season.

Aside from the loss, a major takeaway from the game is the fact that Bogdan Bogdanovic is still dealing with a left hamstring injury that was clearly bothering him last night. The Kings have him on a minute’s restriction to manage that discomfort. Following the game, he said it is frustrating that he can only play for five to six minutes at a time because it prevents him from getting into a rhythm.

On whether he needs some time off to heal, he responded with: “I don’t know, it’s on the doctors to decide, I’m just here to play whenever I can.”

In addition, he said his knee is bothering him because he is overloading his right leg due to the left hamstring. He said he can play through it, but that decision is obviously up to the team doctors moving forward.

With the team already down De’Aaron Fox and Marvin Bagley, a hurting Bogi only adds to the pressure the rest of the roster has on its shoulders to carry the team until everyone is back at full strength.

To see head coach Luke Walton and the players react to last night’s loss, watch the video below.