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The Royal Mailbag: supercharged, post-trade deadline edition

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Will and Tim answer your post-trade deadline questions

Welcome back to the Royal Mailbag! We have quite a few topics available to discuss: Harrison Barnes, Corey Brewer, and Alec Burks are now wearing the purple and black, Iman Shumpert is with the Houston Rockets, Justin Jackson now plays for the Dallas Mavericks, and Ben McLemore and Zach Randolph are no longer on the roster. The Sacramento Kings are also four games above .500 for the first time in almost five years, just a half-game out of the eighth seed, and have an open roster spot to utilize in the talent-heavy buyout market. And that’s not all! Marvin Bagley enjoyed a career night on Sunday afternoon against the Phoenix Suns, Papa Bagley showed some support for Dave Joerger on Instagram, and most of the Sactown Royalty staff has converted to acolytes of the Vladefather.

We’re committing to answering a supercharged number of questions this week because of all of the excitement surrounding the team. To ask a question:

-You can comment below

-You can reach us by email at:

-You can tweet the @SactownRoyalty Twitter account, or tweet me directly at @TimMaxwell22

-You can ask our Sactown Royalty Facebook page!

-You can snail mail a letter to 4 Games Above 500 Lane, Sacramento, California 95842