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Kings sign Corey Brewer to second 10-day contract

Does the timing of this move tell us something?

NBA: San Antonio Spurs at Philadelphia 76ers Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Sacramento Kings signed Corey Brewer to a second 10-day contract on Monday. The interesting thing about this move is the timing. The Kings signed Brewer to the new contract on Monday, at the conclusion of All-Star Weekend, but don’t play a game until tomorrow night against the Warriors. Three of the contract’s 10 days will be used up before the Kings have a game on the schedule. Brewer didn’t play at all for the Kings during the length of his first 10-day deal with the team.

The timing suggests that we still may not see Brewer on the court, and that he might just be a solid energy defender for the Kings to use in practices. Or maybe Joerger is just waiting for the right matchup. Or perhaps the team wants Brewer around for depth in case of an injury or a player getting into foul trouble. We don’t really know.

At the conclusion of Brewer’s 10 days, the Kings can choose to sign him for the remainder of the season or let him walk. They will not have an option to sign him to another 10-day contract.