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Marvin Bagley out 1-2 weeks with left knee sprain

Great news!

NBA: Milwaukee Bucks at Sacramento Kings Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Breathe a sigh of relief.

Marvin Bagley III was diagnosed with a left knee sprain and is expected to miss 1-2 weeks, according to a release from the Sacramento Kings.

Bagley injured his knee after a hard screen by Malcolm Brogdon in Wednesday’s loss to the Milwaukee Bucks. Brogdon’s whereabouts are unknown but it is assumed that he escaped the city intact. Roving packs of Kings fans still patrol the streets in hopes he turns up, but the mobs might begin to dissipate with this news.

Looking ahead at the schedule, Bagley being out for a week would mean missing games against the Clippers, Knicks, and Celtics. Two week’s worth of games would mean another Knicks game, a game against the Wizards, and another Celtics game. Certainly not the hardest stretch of schedule for the Kings.

No injury is good, but this result is about as good as we could have hoped for.