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Kings vs. Suns Preview: The Return of Jimmer!!!

The Sacramento Kings face off against one of the greatest players in BYU History of all time and will have to muster up all the courage they’ve got in order to defeat.... Jimmermania.

Los Angeles Lakers v Sacramento Kings
The GOAT and also someone named after yummy cow.

Happy Saturday! The Sacramento Kings are in their fourth to last game of the season at the Golden 1 Center and taking on a Phoenix Suns squad in the midst of the greatest signing in franchise history. You’ve seen it on Sportscenter, your local newsie has been screaming himself hoarse all day trying to spread the world, Jedi across the galaxy have felt massive disturbances in the force coming from the Milky Way and so I’m just going to come right out and say it: yes, damn it, it’s true. JIMMER FREDETTE IS BACK IN THE NBA. After spending his last few years collecting the souls of all those that dare challenge him in China, Fredette has had his fill and has now settled in Phoenix to being his conquest of North America and slake his thirst for the tears of all he cuts down. That the Kings might have cut such a man... it speaks to why now, after all these years, he’s chosen tonight to begin his reign of terror across the 30 teams. Sacramento hurt him first, now he returns the favor.

Let’s talk the Kings demise!

When: Saturday, March 23rd; 7:00 pm PST

Where: Golden 1 Center, Sacramento, CA


Radio: KHTK Sports 1140 AM

For Your Consideration

Set it and Fredette It: The Phoenix Suns come into tonight’s game against the Sacramento Kings with a record of 17-56, and losers in five of their last 7 contests. Three of their fourteen small forwards are likely out for this game: Josh Jackson and TJ Warren out with wobbly ankles and Kelly Oubre done for the season after thumb surgery. The preview for Saturday night’s game would have been filled with many, many boring things to consider: Marvin Bagley’s fantastic play bumping up against De’Andre Ayton would have been mentioned. Buddy “Love” Hield vs. Buddy Wear Protection Booker probably would have had a nice section. I might have even sprinkled in something about being okay if this game was just Jamal Crawford trying to shoot every shot in the hopes of getting 70+ in a game so Devin didn’t have the Phoenix scoring record any longer. But, you all know all that. When you think Phoenix Suns your first thought is probably “Wait, aren’t they the ones with that wacky arena name?” then you remember “Power Balance Pavilion” and decide you aren’t going to mock them for their owner’s choices. Your second thought though is definitely about their gorilla mascots and how great he is. Your third thought though, your third thought is definitely what we want to be focusing on and that is definitely their questionable management. Phoenix has been at near peak Kangz level dysfunction since right around the time Isaiah Thomas was an MVP candidate. Oddly enough, their foibles also tend to come back to help the Kings. The draft day deal a few years back that sent Marquisse Chriss to Phoenix for Bogi and Kings All-Star center Georgios Papagiannis was a biggie. The Suns seeing their growing hole at point guard and drafting Josh Jackson ahead of De’Aaron Fox, and even last year, when the Suns drafted De’Andre Ayton instead of Kings Rookie of the Year candidate Luka Donnnnnn’t say it Will! Bagley is gonna be great! (He is, I just don’t have many games left to get in my tired Doncic jokes).

All this help that Phoenix has given the Kings, was only to butter them up for a grand betrayal. Tonight, years of scheming and mustache twirling and mwahaha-ing finally comes to center stage as Phoenix unleashes the former next great thing, Jimmer Fredette. In China the previous few seasons, Jimmer Fredette’s time with the Shanghai Sharks has netted him a good chunk of change and more importantly, time to just be him. Example, this season the guy was averaging 36 points, 2.6 steals and 5 threes made a game on 41% from distance, while playing 41 minutes a game and over the course of 45 games. Whether this was a publicity stunt meant for fans stuck in 2011, or if Phoenix is really kicking the tires on the now 30 year old shooting guard (oh yeah, he’s THIRTY, and you are very old now) Sacramento Kings fans should be happy for the guy. They should also hope that he hasn’t gotten over those jump-passes out of a double team that he loved to pull out at the least opportune moments. Oh man, those last ten words were a perfect set up for another Devin Booker jab, but I refrain.

This game could be a ton of fun, all Jimmer jokes aside. Booker is a fantastic scoring guard, Ayton oozes potential everytime Phoenix decides he should touch the ball and Jamal Crawford could very well score 50 on Sacramento tonight... or Phoenix could lose by 50. You never know with them.


Oh mighty, humble Jimmer. That I might truly predict against you is smoke, a farce. My sole wish is only that it might make you more motivated and more powerful in thine conquest of a league unworthy of such endless talent. Bagley scores 30.

Kings: 119, Suns: 104