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Kings vs. Pelicans Preview: More Wins in Nawlins?

The Kings are taking on a Pelicans squad looking to tank their way to the top of the draft only a year removed from the playoffs.

Kimani Okearah

Happy Thursday! The winners in four of their last six contests, the Kings roll into New Orleans tonight to take on a Pelicans squad that is... well... they’re going through it right now. Anthony Davis has nine toes and one long eyebrow out the door, their General Manager was fired post trade deadline for doing the right thing (and by right thing I mean sabotaging the Lakers chemistry) and every one who plays decent basketball for them is sitting at the emergency clinic with an ice pack over some part of their body and listening to a baby with an ear infection cry. Oh, no wait Julius Randle is still healthy. Buuuuut he’s still at the clinic to support a couple of teammates... they couldn’t drive, he owed them after that thing in L.A. it’s a whole other thing- we’re getting off track here. The point is, the Pelicans aren’t doing so hot; losers in nine of their last ten games. The Kings are looking to push themselves to that 40 win mark right now and can take advantage, oooor they can do the thing where they play confidence builder for a team literally begging them to put them out of their misery.

Let’s talk Kings basketball.

When: Thursday, March 28th; 5 pm PST

Where: Smoothie King Center, New Orleans, LA


Radio: KHTK Sports 1140 AM

For Your Consideration

Trevon You’re Doing Fine, Hun: So, as I alluded to above the fold, the Pelicans are a mess right now. Anthony Davis is in and out of games; playing for two nights in a row, then taking a night off, then colluding with Lebron during a game, then colluding with Lebron in street clothes. His attendance record of late would raise a truancy officer’s eyebrow, and he’s listed as probable for tonight’s game. Jrue Holiday is out for the rest of the season after having surgery on his core, which if it happened to you I’d just assume you were getting that work done you’d mentioned to take away those pesky doughy spots in the fanny pack area, but with Jrue Holiday I assume whatever it was hurt like hell. Even guys the back-up who have stepped up with the big guns down are getting injured. Sure it’s tragic when the Hulk and Captain America go down, but now we’re talking about the scrappy, go-gettem’s like Daredevil (Elfrid Peyton) who are just trying to make Pelican’s game watchable before the season ends! The Pelicans are a car accident moving in slow motion, and we’re seeing the occupants of that car slowly being thrown out the front window. All, it’s so bad that the Pelicans picked up a guy named Trevon Bluiett, a name that is ready made for a flashy 5 game stint that ends up as a Lifetime original movie someday, and the guy came in and tore his thumb and donezo for the year. There is only two people in the organization to blame: Pierre the Soul-Snatching Pelican and King Baby Cake. I don’t care if you had me playing next to Wilt Chamberlain and James Naismith himself, if I had to see either of those two every few nights, I’d try to rip my thumb off, myself.

Quick stuff about the game: If Anthony Davis plays tonight, don’t expect to see him in the fourth quarter. If Elfrid Peyton plays tonight, the kid has been putting up so Kings Rondo like numbers, and he’s done it without a hairstyle that was actively trying to block his shot. Julius Randle is a beast, he should get himself a nice pay raise this off-season and i’m excited to see him and Bagley beef down low. That’s it. The End. Games at five tonight, so enjoy Gary Gerould while a bunch of late 90’s Nissans try to merge into the space you’re physically occupying then honking at you when you refuse to phase yourself into a gas to accomodate them.


Kings: Healthy, Pelicans: You Need to Talk to a Professional