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Kings Links: Fox and the Kings are turning heads

A few nice articles this week highlighted Fox and the growth of the Sacramento Kings.

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Portland Trail Blazers v Sacramento Kings Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

From time to time we’ll compile a collection of links to Kings-related stories that are worth your time but didn’t otherwise fit into a post. Enjoy.

ESPN’s Zach Lowe: De’Aaron Fox is speeding up the Kings’ timeline

A fantastic post from Zach Lowe with lots of great discussion of the Kings. My personal favorite was this anecdote from the pre-draft process with De’Aaron Fox.

Vlade Divac knew he wanted De’Aaron Fox after watching him light up UCLA -- and Lonzo Ball -- for 39 points in the Sweet 16 in 2017.

Six weeks later, Brandon Williams, now the Sacramento Kings’ assistant general manager, was part of a Philadelphia 76ers contingent interviewing Fox at the NBA’s draft combine. Someone asked Fox if he had taken special pleasure in outdueling Ball.

Fox gave the polite answer, they recall: Every game mattered. But he sensed the Sixers’ brass might enjoy the real response. “But yeah,” he continued. “That s--- was personal.”

ESPN’s Tim Bontemps: Fox, Mitchell, Simmons or Tatum: Which super soph would NBA execs build around?

Although Fox ended up ranked 4th in this discussion, there’s still plenty of praise for Fox in this piece.

“Fox is unbelievably explosive,” one West executive said. “He’s getting game-planned night in and night out. He has the star power behind him. He has the biggest potential to get to the franchise [player] level.”

Ultimately, Fox wound up last on the list for the simple reason that he started so far behind the group coming into the season. While few think he will regress to his rookie-year form, it came up repeatedly among voters that they’d like to see more of him before placing him higher.

The Athletic: Q&A Recap: Sam Amick answered your NBA questions on Tuesday, March 26

This is obviously centered around the NBA as a whole, but Sam answer a couple NBA specific questions from some oddly familiar names.

Tim M.
Mar 26, 4:02pm
Thanks for taking the time to do this, Sam. Multiple folks in the local Sacramento media have claimed that the Kings have serious interest in maxing Nikola Vucevic. Have you heard the same?

Sam Amick
Mar 26, 4:17pm
@Tim M. I know he’s a target, and I know that it will likely require the max. So, I suppose that’s a confirmation. And thanks for joining me, Tim.

Tony X.
Mar 26, 4:44pm
Good morning, Sam. How confident are you that Dave Joerger receives a long-term contract extension to stay in Sacramento this summer?

Sam Amick
Mar 26, 5:09pm
@Tony X. I’d call it 65-35 right now, but lots of discussions to be had there.