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Buddy Buckets, the T-Shirt / Hoodie!

Need a bucket? Buddy’s got your back, and your head too if you opt for the hoodie!

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It didn’t take long for Buddy Hield to win Sacramento’s hearts after the DeMarcus Cousins trade. After disappointing in New Orleans, Buddy came to Sacramento and started doing what he does best: getting buckets.

Buddy’s leap in his third year has been nothing short of incredible. We already knew he could shoot the ball, but he’s gotten better at almost every aspect of his game. He’s leading the Kings in scoring, minutes played and is on pace to break Peja Stojakovic’s franchise record for threes made in a season. He’s already joined Mitch Richmond and Peja as the only Kings ever to hit 200+ threes in a year, and we’ve got 19 games left.

As such the folks at Breaking T are back at it again with another wonderful NBPA approved design for Kings fans, celebrating Buddy Buckets. You can get it in both a T-Shirt or a Hoodie, and if you’ve gotten any other clothes from Breaking T, you know how comfortable they are (Shout out to the guy I saw on the broadcast wearing their Young Superteam shirt during the Clippers game!)

You can get a Buddy Buckets shirt or hoodie by clicking here!

Check out Breaking T’s full Sacramento collection here!