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Kings vs. Knicks: The Game That Time Forgot

Umm. This game is at nine o’clock in the morning if you’re watching it on the west coast. Also, the Knicks are the Kings opponents.

Kimani Okearah

Oh hi there, it’s me your friendly neighborhood preview man. If you’re reading this, you’re too late. The game has already started. De’Aaron Fox is doing well, Harry Giles is putting in work. You think I’m joking?! This game started at 9 am! Flip on the tube and see for yourself! If you’re reading this and the game hasn’t started you’re either 1) Greg or 2) in need of a good hug. Good morning friendo, let’s talk briefly about the Kings taking on the Knicks.

When: Saturday, March 9th, 9 am PST

Where: Madison Square Garden, New York City, NY


Radio: KHTK Sports 1140 AM

For Your Consideration

The Knicks are the worst team in the East. They are absolutely terrible in the same vein as bed bugs are terrible and people who pour out the pickle juice instead of drinking it are terrible. Yet, the Kings spent three quarters of their previous match against New York playing around and keeping things close enough to be scary. This was only five days ago, and with an odd early game to boot the Knicks have to got to have some semblance of confidence in winning this game. The Knicks have won 4 games in 2019 and have played nearly 30 GAMES since the turning of the calendar, and yet there is this air of a trappiness in the air.

So because you’re trying to turn on whatever’s left of this game when you see this, here’s a list of things you should check in on as soon as you grab the remote:

  1. Is Grant talking about the penalty, how close the teams are to the penalty or what happens now that the Kings are in the penalty?
  2. Is De’Aaron Fox wearing a sweet headband?
  3. Which came first: you finding the game or Harry Giles picking up his 4th foul?

This is the Knicks at 9 am on a Saturday. Enjoy your waffles, and don’t worry about what I said about the pickle juice up there. No one’s going to read this anyways, so no one will remember me writing it.


Dennis Smith Jr. jumps very high for a regular dunk and people will treat it like a non-regular dunk. Walt Frazier’s suit will be amazing. A regular in the Kings rotation will have the NYC Flu and will surprisingly play like hot garbage. The Kings will play to the Knicks level in the first half and still end up beating the Knicks by 20 plus.

Kings: 127, Knicks 104