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Kings vs. Jazz Preview: It’s the Final Countdown!

The Kings are down to their final three games of the season and their time is running out if they want that above .500 season!

Kimani Okearah

It’s the second to last road game of the season, during the Kings final back-to-back of the season. Our boys in purple are rolling into Utah looking to climb back up to .500 and clinch their 40th win on the season in what is already the best season outside of Sacramento’s Rick Adelman run. The Kings will have to end their season on a four game win streak if they’re looking to top out above .500, and combining the win in Cleveland being rough with the Kings terrible record on the second night of these back-to-backs, it’s not looking... well, lemme put it this way: I wouldn’t bet Buddy’s house on it!

Let’s talk Kings basketball!

When: Friday, April 5th; 6 pm PST

Where: Vivint Smart Home Arena, Salt Lake City, UT


Radio: KHTK Sports 1140 AM

For Your Consideration

The Bug: So I also neglected to mention a rather telling number up there above the fold for tonight’s game. The Utah Jazz have won a blazing 11 out of their last 12 contests, and only two of them by less than 15 points. The Jazz are absolute smoking at the exact right time as they head into the playoffs as what I assume will end up being the five seed in the West. Am I saying not to watch tonight? Heck no. For one, Utah is contending with a few injuries tonight that might help the Kings close that gap a bit. Ricky Rubio, Raul Neto, Kyle Korver, and Derrick Favors are all presumed out for tonight’s contest. Dante Exum is out for the season and is headed toward a legendary status of how much potential can be wasted on random, freak injuries. Jae Crowder is coming back after a quad injury, but won’t be 100% if he does.

The Jazz are banged up, and while they’ve got plenty of firepower to make up for any lost production, the bench will be stretched a great deal, giving a guy like Marvin Bagley III a chance to beat up on some inferior competition. This game will also feature a match-up of Fox and Donovan Mitchell at the point guard spot, a battle of electric, quick handled, soon-to-be All-Stars. I don’t have to speak to this one, their games both speak for themselves. Lastly, and I’m in no way kidding here, Joe Ingles and Harrison Barnes is going to be something to watch out of the corner of your eye. Harrison Barnes is your prototypical power forward with length, shooting touch and great defensive instincts. Ingles is the best guy you’ve ever seen play at that outdoor 3-on-3 tournament up in Redding a couple years ago. Ingles has spent the last few years straight up embarrassing those that take him lightly, and hasn’t done so quietly; the guy smack talks like you can’t believe and damn it, he should. Ingles is amazing, and I want to see Harrison Barnes go at it with him. All in all, this is a fun match-up for the Kings and like every single fun match-up for the Kings this season it is coming on the tail end of a back to back.


Rudy Gobert swats three of Marvelous Marvin’s jump hooks, so Marv stops being shy and crams a Top 10 level dunk on him. Fox crosses Donovan Mitchell up hard enough to send him to the ground, and Buddy Hield breaks Damian Lillard’s three point record tonight instead of waiting till this weekend to do it against the team that drafted him at home.

Kings: 118, Jazz: 112