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Grade the season: Corey Brewer

Let’s talk about Brewer’s season.

Kimani Okearah

With the season officially behind us, this is about the time we would normally begin looking forward to the draft. Actually, we normally would have been looking forward to the draft starting around February. But with the Sacramento Kings lacking a first round pick this year, we can spend a little more time than normal reflecting on the past season. We’re going to do this by grading every player on the roster, one at a time. The Sactown Royalty staff will provide their grades and thoughts, and we’ll have a poll and can discuss and debate.


Greg: C+

Brewer did exactly what he was supposed to do for the Kings. He can hit some shots from time to time, he’s a good locker room guy, and he plays good defense. He’s exactly what you want from a bench wing. He’s not a great player, but he’s solid and he knows his role. I gave Brewer a C because he met my expectations but didn’t really exceed them.

Sanjesh: B

Although Corey Brewer didn’t immediately play for Sacramento when he signed multiple 10-day contracts, the journeyman eventually did and rightfully earned a contract for the remainder of the season.

He is a fully serviceable backup small forward who always gives his all when he’s on the floor, especially on the defensive side. He’s a scrapper and the Kings definitely benefited with his energy off the bench. Brewer doesn’t need the ball in his hands to be effective and that fits perfectly with all of the young guys on the team. He’s stated he wants to come back to Sacramento next season and I would immediately wrap him up to be behind Harrison Barnes on the depth chart.

It’s still wild that he once dropped 51 points in a game.

Kimani: C+

Basically, he’s still a serviceable NBA player and should have been on a roster all season. The Lakers certainly could have used him! For the Kings, he didn’t do anything to move the needle, but he made some enjoyable plays. I’ll give him a smooth 77%.

Kimani Okearah

Rob: C

Brewer pretty much did what was asked of him as a fringe core rotation player down the stretch of the season. He’s the kind of guy that good teams have as a 3rd option off the bench. Sanjsesh mentions that the Kings should bring him back to back up Harrison Barnes. I agree that they should bring him back, but he should be the guy backing up the backup to Harrison Barnes.

Tony: B

I enjoyed watching Corey Brewer play for the Sacramento Kings this season. His energy was great, his defense was quite good, and his shot was steadier than I would have predicted. I’d welcome him back on the Kings roster next season as an out-of-the-regular-rotation veteran wing that can step in and get the job done when necessary. He also makes for a really fun podcast guest.


How would you grade Corey Brewer’s season?

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