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The NBA Draft lottery is upon us

Wow, that sure sneaks up on you when you don’t have a pick.

NBA: Lottery Draft Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA Draft lottery is this evening. It sure sneaks up on you when you don’t have a draft pick to worry about, doesn’t it? But now that the day is here, I’m nervous. Not the normal nervous excitement of hoping the Kings could move up, but the nervous fear that Vlade Divac’s greatest mistake could be made worse. Luckily the Kings had a good season, so the odds are pretty slim that the Kings pick will move up.


Team Lottery Odds

New York 14.00%
Cleveland 14.00%
Phoenix 14.00%
Chicago 12.50%
Atlanta 10.50%
Washington 9.00%
New Orleans 6.00%
Memphis* 6.00%
Dallas** 6.00%
Minnesota 3.00%
Los Angeles Lakers 2.00%
Charlotte 1.00%
Miami 1.00%
Sacramento^ 1.00%

Note: That number represents the odds for the Kings pick to move up at all. For the first overall pick the Kings pick has a less than 0.5% chance.

When they begin announcing the teams, we want to hear the Sacramento Kings called first. Anything else means chaos.

The results will be shown on ESPN beginning at 5:30 PM PT.