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Grade the season: Yogi Ferrell


Kimani Okearah

With the season officially behind us, this is about the time we would normally begin looking forward to the draft. Actually, we normally would have been looking forward to the draft starting around February. But with the Sacramento Kings lacking a first round pick this year, we can spend a little more time than normal reflecting on the past season. We’re going to do this by grading every player on the roster, one at a time. The Sactown Royalty staff will provide their grades and thoughts, and we’ll have a poll and can discuss and debate.

Today we’re going to grade Yogi Ferrell. Yogi finished the year with averages of 5.9 points, 1.5 rebounds, 1.9 assists, and 0.5 steals. I suspect the grades for Yogi will be a bit more varied than the grades for De’Aaron Fox.


Greg: C+

I was torn between a B and a C, so I settled on a C+. There were times when I thought Yogi was the perfect backup for Fox. His pushed the pace, not allowing defenses any rest even when Fox was on the bench. But he also fell short as a creator for himself and others. There were times when it seemed like Yogi disappeared for long stretches. Overall I felt like he was good, but not great. Ok for his role, and a good value for his contract, but that there was room to be better. Ultimately I like Yogi as a player, but am hopeful the Kings can upgrade the backup point guard position.

Sanjesh: B-

Although it took some time for Yogi to be fully implemented as the main backup point guard to De’Aaron Fox, he definitely proved to be more capable at the position than counterpart Frank Mason. He could play uptempo, knock down threes at a 36% clip, and was aggressive on defense. Those performances where he shot really well against Minnesota and San Antonio were some great highlights of his season, or passes like the no-look to Nemanja Bjelica and the lob to Marvin Bagley. A big downside was his ability to set up others, as he had a low assist percentage (17%) and assists per game (1.9). I wouldn’t mind if Yogi stayed another season as a third string but I’d like to see a veteran point guard get signed to help Bogdan Bogdanovic run the second group, like Patrick Beverley or Jeremy Lin of sorts.

Kimani: D

The “Yooogiiiii” chant is fun, but the Kings need to enter the 2019-20 Season with a viable NBA point guard backing up De’Aaron Fox. While I liked his defense at times, the second unit needs a point guard that exemplifies leadership and community.

Akis: C-

Yogi was decent as a spark plug scorer, but the Kings need more of a leader and playmaker at the position so that Bogdan Bogdanovic doesn’t have to carry such a heavy load when De’Aaron Fox goes to the bench. Yogi looked to score more often than not, and his lack of size prevents him from being a great defender. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Kings look to upgrade here this summer.

Tony: C

Yogi Ferrell had a fine season. Outside of a few big scoring games off the bench, there wasn’t much to get excited about, but he was rarely bad, so, C feels like the right grade here. The Kings have the option to bring him back next season at $3.15 million, and while I’d be fine with his production at that price, they should probably look for a better backup guard in free agency this summer.

Tim: C

Richard made fun of my stats table on the last article, so no one gets any numbers. Yogi Ferrell was perfectly okay. He was rarely so bad that I was annoyed that he was in the game (although Dave Joerger often left Fox too long on the bench in the fourth quarter), and I was rarely miffed when he was sent to the bench. The Kings do need to find a more complementary player for Bogdan Bogdanovic’s skill set this summer, and that will either entail letting Yogi walk (his $3.15 million salary is non-guaranteed) or pushing him to the third-string spot.

Rob: C

An average backup point guard making an average backup point guard wage doing an average backup job for an almost average NBA team. Won’t mind having him back next year, won’t shed a lot of tears if he’s not. That said, significantly better than Frank Mason.

Richard: B

I’ve actually got a pretty rosy view on Yogi Ferrell’s season. The shortcomings are there to be sure — mostly on the defensive side. He just doesn’t have the size to defend almost anyone effectively, but it’s not due to a lack of effort. He still was able to bother ball handlers and poke away steals with relative frequency. Overall he struggled to fit in with the Kings system. The Mavericks knew how to use him, and it seems that the Kings did not.

But if we are evaluating him as an individual, he deserves some serious credit. Yogi gave maximum effort and energy every time he touched the floor. He played smart too, and had the lowest turnover rate of any guard on the team. He posted a career high 43.5 FG%, and was very functional with the long ball at 36.2 3PT%. He also was the best free throw shooter on the entire team with 88.6 FT%. His fit on the team is not great, but he still showed nice production in limited minutes. He definitely gave the Kings their 3 million dollars worth, and I personally would like to see him return next season.


How would you grade Yogi Ferrell’s season?

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