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Grade the season: Frank Mason

Let’s review Frank’s sophomore effort.

Kimani Okearah

With the season officially behind us, this is about the time we would normally begin looking forward to the draft. Actually, we normally would have been looking forward to the draft starting around February. But with the Sacramento Kings lacking a first round pick this year, we can spend a little more time than normal reflecting on the past season. We’re going to do this by grading every player on the roster, one at a time. The Sactown Royalty staff will provide their grades and thoughts, and we’ll have a poll and can discuss and debate.

Today we’re evaluating Frank Mason. Mason finished the year averaging 5.5 points, 2.2 assists, and 1.1 rebounds per game. He averaged 11.5 minutes per game, but appeared in just 38 games this year.


Greg: D

Last season Frank Mason looked like a second round steal. He was able to provide the Kings with a strong scoring punch off the bench. This season it felt like he simply failed to progress. When Frank entered games, he hunted for his own shot. That was great when his shot was falling, but that often wasn’t the case. Frank will be 26 next season, so I’m not holding out hope for Mason to become more than what he currently is. He’s an inexpensive third point guard. And that’s fine. It’s better than what you get from most second round picks, but I’d hoped for more this year.

Rob: D

Let’s be Frank. Dude shot it like a Mason. Hello? Is this mic on? What is this, an audience or an oil painting? These are the jokes, folks. Laugh it up!

OK. It seems like a long time ago, but at the beginning of the season Mason was coming off the bench before Yogi Ferrell. And Mason was...not good. Relegated to mostly mop-up duties and once Ferrell supplanted him, Mason did what mop-up guys usually do: came off the bench shooting with not much else to bring to the party...and his shot was often-times the turd in the punch bowl.

When the Kings drafted Mason his ceiling seemed to be that of a career backup point guard. He still has a lot of work to do to even ascend to that level. Maybe a slower system that calls for fewer possessions and more pragmatism would benefit him, but if he remains in a Kings uni he seems destined to play primarily at the end of blowouts.

Sanjesh: D-

Frank Mason had his moments where he seemed like he could grow into the backup point guard role last season but he regressed in his second season. Call it a sophomore slump if you will because all of his main per game stats decreased from last season, with his three point percentage falling to 22%. It’s a game of shooters nowadays and having a guard who can’t reliably shoot a three becomes a huge liability. Even on drives to the rim, he would miss layups he should’ve converted or got blocked. I loved Mason’s role in the “Litty Committee” and I hope if he stays he improves quickly but what this season showed, that might prove to be a difficult task.

Akis: F

If Frank Mason had one goal this year, it was to establish himself as the team’s primary backup to De’Aaron Fox. Instead Frank lost out to Yogi Ferrell and Bogdan Bogdanovic and barely saw time unless in blowouts. Frank had a promising rookie season but he failed to improve on it. His shooting from outside dipped, he continued to force things that weren’t there, and he didn’t particularly make an impact on either end. I’d be a bit surprised if the Kings keep Mason on the roster another year. I did love seeing him dancing on the sidelines as part of the Litty Committee though.


How would you grade Frank Mason’s season?

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