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Grade the season: Bogdan Bogdanovic

Let’s grade Bogi’s year.

Kimani Okearah

With the season officially behind us, this is about the time we would normally begin looking forward to the draft. Actually, we normally would have been looking forward to the draft starting around February. But with the Sacramento Kings lacking a first round pick this year, we can spend a little more time than normal reflecting on the past season. We’re going to do this by grading every player on the roster, one at a time. The Sactown Royalty staff will provide their grades and thoughts, and we’ll have a poll and can discuss and debate.

Today we’re grading Bogdan Bogdanovic. In his second season with the Kings, Bogi averaged 14.1 points, 3.8 assists, and 3.5 rebounds.


Greg: C

I really struggled on how to grade Bogi. On one hand, he served as a jack of all trades and played a variety of roles. He was the de facto backup point guard for the majority of the season, and spent time as a small forward as well despite being best suited as a shooting guard. Despite playing out of position, he was absolutely crucial to the Kings success this year. And yet there were times when Bogdanovic was simply bad. He had long stretches where he really struggled. A knee injury before the season didn’t help, and I wonder if Bogi ever was fully 100% from a health and conditioning standpoint. He’s still one of my favorite players on the team, and I’m glad he finished the season strong, but I can’t overlook his struggles.

Sanjesh: B

Bogdan Bogdanovic’s per game numbers of points, assists and rebounds all increased from last season but what was a concern throughout the majority of his season was his inconsistent shooting. His 3P% dropped from 39 to 36, 2P% dropped from 48.5 to 46 and his efficient field goal percentage and true shooting percentage each dropped around 3 percentage points. He had a rough slump mid-year but picked things back up later in the season.

The connection between Bogi and Willie Cauley-Stein from two seasons ago didn’t materialize further this season but you could still see flashes of Bogi setting up his big men for easy baskets appear here and there. Bogi also tended to lose his man on defense, especially falling asleep on backdoor cuts to the basket by his opposition.

Having a backup guard that is more capable of sharing ball-carrying duties with Bogi as well as being a shooter off the ball should bode well for Bogi moving forward so he doesn’t have to shoulder that heavy load with the second unit.

I’m never forgetting that buzzer beater against the Lakers.

Akis: C

Like Greg, I struggled with how to grade Bogdan. At times he looks like the best player on the floor, one of the few players that knows how to run a halfcourt offense or how to get a bucket without needing any help. But there’s also times where he overdribbled, couldn’t hit a shot, or simply forced the issue. His play in January through early March was deeply concerning and at times critically hurt the Kings since he was still playing heavy minutes. The one thing you would hope to see from Bogi is consistency, and that just wasn’t there this season. He got a lot more responsibility as a sophomore but at times it feels like it was too much. Hopefully this summer will allow Bogi to rest and recuperate and come in fresh with a more defined role because when Bogi is at his best, he makes the team better.

Kimani: B-

Like Greg and Akis, I had a hard time interpreting the on-court production of Bogdan Bogdanovic. Akis laid out my exact qualms above - sometimes, he seemed like a sturdy, slower Manu Ginobli. Other times, he was channeling the Kings version of Cuttino Mobley. He’s still trying to figure out his place on the Ginobli-Mobley spectrum, and his exact role in the NBA overall.

While capable of primary ball-handling responsibilities, he’s better served making cuts and setting screens in crafty plays (Bogdan sets some of the best guard screens you’ll ever see). Long story short - the Kings need an actual backup point guard so Bogdan can thrive.

Let’s celebrate this game-winner one more time!

Rob: C

This was one of the easier grades for me - easier than grading Fox (A), Hield (B) or the impending Marvin Bagley grade. Bogdanovic did not progress at the same rate that the team did, and he was basically an MLE-level player on an MLE-level contract. There may have been mitigating circumstances - Joerger’s deployment of Bogi as a Swiss Army Knife and I think that he was hobbled a bit by injuries - but the result is what it is, and what it is is a C performance.


How would you grade Bogdan Bogdanovic’s season?

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