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Is Sacramento the mystery Al Horford team?

The dots all connect.

NBA: Boston Celtics at Sacramento Kings Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

Al Horford will be a Sacramento King next season, I have proof.

Well, not proof, per se, but I have a wild string of events that I think could be convincing if I got the right jury. A jury made of people like my wife, who will glaze over and say “sure honey” when I start rambling about NBA conspiracies.

That kind of proof. So wrap your heads in tinfoil and join me on this journey of discovery.

It all started when Al Horford opted out of his contract. The immediate reporting was that Horford would negotiate a new deal with the Celtics.

But then, just 9 hours later, Horford and the Celtics were suddenly unable to agree on a number and Horford was going to enter free agency.

What happened in the meantime? What could have changed Horford’s mind? What happened right in the middle of those negotiations? I’m glad you asked.


Sacramento convinced Harrison Barnes to opt our and get a new deal. That added cap space would be enough for the Kings to up their offer to Al Horford. And then, as if to confirm these suspicions, enter Marc Stein:

Now, you may be thinking “slow down Greg. This is crazy. There could be any number of teams interested in a player like Horford.” And you’re right. But at that kind of money there are only a few potential suitors, and Stein’s reporting eliminated the Pelicans.

Now, does this constitute proof? Perhaps not. It’s missing something. We need something to actually connect the Kings to Horford.

Enter Brian Windhorst:

In addition to teams like the Dallas Mavericksand New Orleans Pelicans, who instantly emerged as possible landing spots, league sources say there are a few surprise bidders who are trying to land the veteran big man. These include the Sacramento Kings and Philadelphia 76ers.

The Kings are interested in adding a center this offseason, and there’s space for them to do it even with re-signing Harrison Barnes. It would require them to move on from Willie Cauley-Stein, who wants that anyway, as his agent has asked the Kings to let him go.

They’d potentially have the room to make an aggressive offer to Horford, but they have a number of the top centers on their list, sources said. In addition to Horford, the Kings could chase Brook Lopez and Nikola Vucevic. Lopez played for coach Luke Walton with the Lakers.

There you have it. Proof.

Welcome to the Kings, Al!