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Free Agency Rumors Open Thread

It’s the countdown to 3 PM PT

Sacramento Kings v Boston Celtics Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

NBA Free Agency kicks off at 3 PM PT today! Depending on which rumors you believe, the Kings could sign Al Horford or Dewayne Dedmon, or trade for Steven Adams or Clint Capela, or sign...Enes Kanter?

The rumors will continue to swirl, and you can use this thread to discuss it all today.

So far it seems fairly certain that Nikola Vucevic will remain with the Magic, Kyrie Irving is going to the Nets, Kemba Walker is going to Boston, Harrison Barnes is staying with the Kings, and Klay Thompson is probably staying with the Warriors.

Roughly 40% of players in the league are free agents. Not all of those will sign today, obviously. But it should be a fun day as the league begins to reshape itself.