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The Return of the Royal Mailbag

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Will and I answer your questions about the draft, free agency, and playoff aspirations.


Welcome back to the Royal Mailbag!

Will and I are hoping to do a supercharged version of the mailbag this week, as a ton has happened since our last edition. We’re talkin’ about the draft. We’re talkin’ about Willie Cauley-Stein’s departure. We’re talkin’ about Yogi Ferrell’s and Frank Mason’s future. We’re talkin’ about cap space. We’re talkin’ about Dewayne Dedmon. We’re talkin’ about Trevor Ariza. We’re talkin’ about Cory Jospeh. We’re talkin’ about Richaun Holmes. We’re talkin’ about PLAYOFFS.

We’re talkin’ about whatever YOU want to talk about! (Note: We will NOT talk about the 2008-2009 roster. We still have nightmares about Andres Nocioni and Mikki Moore).

To ask a question:

-You can comment below

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