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Getting to know Dewayne Dedmon with Brad Rowland

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We continue to learn more about our newest Kings.

Atlanta Hawks v Sacramento Kings Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images

To learn more about the newest members of the Sacramento Kings, I’ve reached out to members of other SB Nation sites to get their perspectives. Today we’re learning more about Dewayne Dedmon courtesy of Brad Rowland of Peachtree Hoops.

What is your overall opinion of Dewayne Dedmon as a player?

The easiest way for me to describe Dedmon is that he’s a quality starting center. A lot of people failed to notice that in Atlanta, in part because the Hawks were off the radar for a lot of his two-year stint, but you’d have trouble finding 20 centers better in the league. His combination of floor-spacing and rim protection is something that is incredibly valuable in the modern game and, beyond that, he doesn’t take much off the table. There is immense value in that.

What areas of Dedmon’s game are going to frustrate Kings fans the most?

Honestly, and this should help assuage any concerns, there isn’t much to be frustrated by. Dedmon isn’t elite at anything other than shooting at the center position, but he doesn’t wildly struggle anywhere either. He’s probably older than you’d want him to be on a multi-year deal, but Dedmon doesn’t have many weaknesses and he was well-liked in the locker room in Atlanta.

What is the ideal way for a team to use Dedmon?

Part of Dedmon’s appeal is that he’s pretty malleable. His floor-spacing should unlock a lot, especially when playing with Bagley, and he paired well with a similar player in John Collins. Defensively, he’s a traditional center but he also moves relatively well on the perimeter. He’s probably best in drop coverage but Dedmon can switch a bit in a pinch, and he’s capable of finishing near the rim on offense as well.

Is there anything else Kings fan should know about Dedmon?

He really enjoys the “call me” celebration after making 3s and Dedmon became a fan favorite. He’s certainly not shy at all, interjecting into interviews with teammates and generally being loud and funny. Dedmon should really help the Kings and, even with his age, he doesn’t have a ton of wear and tear after arriving late to basketball and moving around earlier in his career. He’s a delight.