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Getting to know Richaun Holmes with Dave King

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Let’s learn more about the Kings free agent addition.

Phoenix Suns v Sacramento Kings Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images

The Sacramento Kings added several players in free agency, so we’re picking the brains of the SB Nation writers who have covered them previously. Today we’re learning about Richaun Holmes, courtesy of Dave King from Bright Side Of The Sun.

What is your overall opinion of Richaun Holmes as a player?

I love me some Richaun! He’s a hard worker who’s energy is always up. He never stops moving, never stops rotating on the weak side, and alters nearly every shot in his range without fouling. On offense, he can surprise you with his ability to get off that shot-put style release, even in traffic against big men on either shoulder. Overall, I think he’s an excellent back up big who will have a long career in exactly the role the Sixers, Suns and now Kings will use him -- as a 15-20 minute per night burst of energy.

What areas of Holmes’ game are going to frustrate Kings fans the most?

You never want to see him shoot outside five feet, though, and you don’t want him on an island on perimeter defense, so you really don’t want him in a power forward position where he’s spending a lot of time outside the paint on either end. At center, he doesn’t have much sand in the bucket, but you can spot him against someone burly as an energizer bunny change of pace for a few minutes.

What is the ideal way for a team to use Holmes?

Even though he’s a bit skinny, he’s definitely best used as a backup center. With a sliver of space, he will sacrifice his body for rebounds or shot block attempts on one end, and give you the occasional dipsy-do finishes in traffic on offense. Just keep him as near the paint as possible.

Is there anything else Kings fan should know about Holmes?

You’re going to love him and want him to get more minutes than his coach will give. He’s just got great energy. But you just might love his mom Dr. Lydecia Holmes even more. She’s a great great twitter follow because while the game’s going on she echoes everything you’re thinking except she expresses it in a nicer human being way than you’ll see anywhere else on in-game twitter. Make sure to follow her.