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Sacramento Kings links, news, and notes

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Rounding up the stories we haven’t gotten to

2019 Las Vegas Summer League - Sacramento Kings v Houston Rockets Photo by Bart Young/NBAE via Getty Images

Somehow, despite being in the middle of a complete lack of NBA action, there are still stories that we at Sactown Royalty miss. We’re busy people leading busy lives, and our Twitter feeds are not full of useless discussion and wasting time. No need to double check this, you can trust me. With that in mind, let’s take a moment to catch up on a few stories.

Kings hire Lindsey Harding

The Sacramento Kings added Lindsey Harding to the coaching staff. Harding played at Duke and in the WNBA, and was recently a player development coach with the Philadelphia 76ers. ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne spoke with Harding after the hiring.

The Kings also added Stacey Augmon and Rico Hines to the coaching staff.

Kyle Guy is an awesome story

Guy, who was signed a two-way deal after a strong Vegas Summer League, was profiled by The Ringer. It’s a great story. My favorite quote from the story was:

“I have no parachutes—this is how I am,” he says. “I go balls to the wall for everything.”

It’s also a fascinating look at how players who aren’t immediate stars have to find ways to earn money before their NBA checks kick in.

Kosta Koufos signed with CSKA Moscow

Kosta becomes the highest paid American in Europe according to Chris Haynes.

I was susprised Kosta didn’t get picked up by an NBA team, but he’ll be earning a lot more than if he signed somewhere on a vet minimum. We wish Koufos all the best. He was a consummate professional with the Kings.

Bill Simmons says De’Aaron Fox will be the best point guard in the NBA in 5 years

I only saw this thanks to Kings Reddit, but on a recent episode of the Bill Simmons podcast a mailbag question asked who would be the best point guard five years from now. Simmons gave a lot of praise to Fox. Discussion around the 36 minute mark.