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The Sactown Royalty Show (Episode 164): Immoral Time Zones and Back-to-Backs

Brad and Sanjesh discuss Team USA, Bagley’s departure, and speak in depth on the Kings’ 2019-2020 schedule.

We are back!

As you can see, getting weekly episodes during the dead time is hard, but I am trying!

This week I was joined by StR writer and literal child Sanjesh Singh as I screamed about how he needs to get off my lawn. We also discussed Team USA, why Marvin Bagley III stepping away is both good and bad, and what Harrison Barnes and De’Aaron Fox mean to the American team.

Our main discussion is about the Kings’ schedule. We go month-by-month and stretch-by-stretch and dissect which stretches are most important if the Kings want to make some noise.

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