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What’s the REAL reason De’Aaron Fox withdrew from Team USA?

A very serious Sactown Royalty investigation

USA Basketball Team Training Camp Photo by Cassy Athena/Getty Images

De’Aaron Fox withdrew from Team USA to “focus on the upcoming season”. Some may take him at his word, but not us. Kings fan know that conspiracies are everywhere, and we won’t rest until we find the real reason Fox withdrew. With that in mind, let’s run down the leading conspiracies:

Fox actually just wants to focus on the season

The simple, straightforward answer. No grand conspiracy. Just that Fox, like Bagley, wants to do well this year and didn’t want to add additional travel when the Kings already have a trip to India planned.

Verdict: No way. Nice try.

Fox is injured

De’Aaron Fox walked off the floor showing a slight limp during Saturday’s game against Spain. He didn’t return to the floor, and announced his withdrawal in the following hours.

Verdict: Unlikely, but if true we must attack the nation of Spain in retaliation.

Fox was secretly cut

I can’t even take credit for this one. Sometimes you need random news anchors from San Antonio to uncover the real secrets:

Verdict: lol no, Fox wasn’t being cut for Derrick White. Sorry, Spurs fans.

Marvin Bagley’s dad dictated it

Hat tip to Rob.

Verdict: We may be onto something here.

Vlade Divac ordered Fox and Bagley to withdraw in order to secure victory for the Serbian National team

Verdict: Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve found the smoking gun.