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Kings 106, Pistons 127: Pathetic

What’s left to say about this team?

Sacramento Kings v Detroit Pistons Photo by Chris Schwegler/NBAE via Getty Images

The Sacramento Kings lost to the Detroit Pistons by a score of 127-106. It’s hard to put into words how pathetic this effort was from the Kings. The Kings were missing Richaun Holmes (shoulder) and Marvin Bagley III (foot), but Detroit was missing Blake Griffin, Andre Drummond and Luke Kennard. The Kings were missing two good players but can’t play the injury card.

The Kings shot 28.6% from 3, but they attempted Walton’s goal of 35 threes. Mission accomplished!

Honestly, I’m at a loss. Detroit isn’t good. The players who made the Kings look like fools aren’t great players. The Kings are just this bad. The season is done. I regretted every minute of this game that I watched.

Something has to change.