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The Royal Mailbag: trade demands, trade ideas, and pace

You ask, we answer!

United States Postal Service Reports Lost Of 2.3 Billion, As Its Delivering Fewer Packages Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

Welcome back to a standard edition of the Royal Mailbag! After trudging through your…erm…wonderful trade ideas last week, Will and I return to the normally scheduled programming of random questions (including trade ideas! We’re so incredibly generous!). Since the last time we gathered together, Dewayne Dedmon demanded a trade, Buddy Hield called out everyone and later apologized, De’Aaron Fox said the team needed to play faster, the team snapped their eight-game losing streak, and my wife turned 30 years old! What an old fart! (I’m younger). Let’s ask some damn questions (and not let Will tweet from the account anymore).

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