Grant Napear not sorry ...from Miami

Fox 40 has quoted Grant (Peaches) Napear as saying he isn’t sorry for his response to DeMarcus Cousins tweet when he used the go-to phrase used to refute BLM. Napear also said he has nothing against Cousins in fact said the former King’s center had some good traits and some bad ones. He also acknowledged that Cousins has a good heart. Of course this is the opposite of the tirade Peaches went with calling him the worst basketball player he ever encountered in his 30+ years covering the NBA.

Fox 40 went on to say he has relocated to Miami (temporarily) it is there he does his podcast He did not rule out a return to Sacramento He also said he would love to call games again be it NBA, NFL, or NHL But acknowledged he would have to find a team to hire him. He also said calling games is what he is best doing But he should never interview players or coaches again

It seems his only shot among those three options would be in the NHL where there are relatively few black players. But the NHL has supported the BLM agenda

Napear could perhaps find games to call at the minor league level But the Stockton Kings are not an option for him Probably his best hope would be at the college level Napear attended Bowling Green where he played lacrosse Maybe his alma mater would hire him or let him volunteer to call lacrosse games for either the men’s team or women’s lacrosse team

He is equally unlikely to find a broadcast station to try his hand at call in sports again. Maybe a right wing venue would give him a shot Rush Limbaugh might let him follow his show with a sports segment Jim Rome would never use him as guest host again

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