Grant Napear Announces He is Back

The Sacramento Bee reported today that Grant Napear has announced his comeback. But the big takeaway from the story is that Napear believes that social issues have no place in sports. He cited the relatively poor viewership of the first game of the NBA Finals as proof, ignoring the fact that the NBA season was severely disrupted, bars are mostly closed where many fans congregate to watch the games, and that based on the hundreds of people he has talked to the last three months he believes that 90% of the fans are done with sports because of the social justice issues that are so prevalent these days.

He also said that the biggest issue in this country is the fact that we are not allowed to have a conversation anymore without someone being fired or destroyed. That is pure bullshit! Grant Napear recognizes that there are some racial problems in this country but he is not willing to give some of the highest profile black people in this country a venue to protest the injustice that has endured in this country since the Emancipation Proclamation by Lincoln. He downplays the indignation people feel over the repeated killings of people by bad police procedures and bad cops. And of course a disproportionate percentage of those victims are black or brown.

Grant Napear is one of the thinnest skinned media personalities I've ever heard. Remember that he squashed a fundraising event selling T-shirts with his face on them with the title Peaches under his mug because he could not stand to be the subject of a joke even though the proceeds went for a good cause. He just had his lawyer threaten a lawsuit even though his good buddy, Scot Pollard donned one of the shirts in a practice session for some good fun. Peaches Napear will always be his name now.

I have no interest in listening to his podcast. He yearns for being able to return as guest host of the Jim Rome Show, but Rome would be crazy to give him that opportunity. He belongs on a show like Rush Limbaugh, where he could offer his bigoted views.

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