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Tyrese Haliburton already won draft night with his suit

The newest King brought it with his draft-day outfit.

The Kings got a steal of a pick with Tyrese Haliburton, a point guard who was gone by Sacramento’s spot in every single mock draft, usually by the sixth or seventh pick.

Instead, the Kings got to scoop up Haliburton at No. 12, and in doing so, they got the player with the best fashion sense in the 2020 NBA Draft. The floral print obviously draws the eyes, but as Haliburton says, look at the details.

He has his hometown of Oshkosh, Wisconsin represented by the area code 920 not only on the lining of his jacket but also on his chain, and he’s wearing an H chain as well for Haliburton. Then the other side of his jacket lining displays the words “Black Lives Matter” because, as Haliburton told Malika Andrews on the ESPN broadcast, it was important to emphasize that with everything going on in the world.

Haliburton’s shoes are impeccable too, the blue velvet topped with the dice, a nice touch to complete the outfit.

The 2020 NBA Draft has had a different feel as it is completed virtually, but it’s nice to see Haliburton still step up to the plate by dressing for the occasion. Congrats to Tyrese, and welcome to Sacramento!