Doug Christie a Coward?

On his podcast from Miami the former announcer of Kings games and the host of a KTHK afternoon show branded Doug Christie a COWARD. Doug was the sidekick on the radio show and also the televised Kings broadcasts. The day after Grant Napear was fired by KTHK and resigned his employment with the Kings Doug remarked on the radio show that he had "Mad Love" for Napear who he considered his mentor and friend. But apparently Napear expected Doug to put his jobs on the line in support even though Grant (Peaches) Napear acknowledged that he wasn’t as knowledgeable about racial issues as he thought

Remember also that Doug described to Grant on the radio show his experiences as a black man dealing with recurring discrimination in this country. At the time Napear seemed surprised at Doug’s revelations. But he failed to apply this to the evolution of a BLM movement that perhaps began with Colin Kaepernick’s kneeling protest that Grant derided vociferously.

Peaches should stop burning bridges and close his pie hole.

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